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For Josephine Baker, we would stock a skirt made of bananas - but only for her.
For all the other self-confident, stylish and adventurous women who love fashion and pay attention to quality, ethics and design, we offer exciting fashion, easy to wear without being boring.

Since 2009 I run NOBANANAS, my fashion boutiques in Freiburg, Germany. My goal is to present exceptional and exclusive fashion and designer labels. Our customers are women who know what they want, are stylish and have the courage to experiment every now and then.

Visit my shops with its friendly and knowledgeable team in the Konviktstraße, one of the oldest and most attractive streets in the centre of Freiburg's old town. Here you can take a close look at the garments and try them on in our pleasant shop atmosphere. Of course, you can order all items we stock in our NOBANANAS.com online shop. Either way, I would be happy if I could inspire you with my selection!


Susanne Hirschberg (owner)

Konviktstraße 39 and 47
79098 Freiburg

Phone: +49(0)761 1567697
E-mail: sales@nobananas.com


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